Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Truth About September 11th

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

While reading the news, often times I see the term ‘raising awareness.’ A woman runs a 10-km run in order to ‘raise awareness’ of breast cancer. A scientist at a conference on global warming is quoted as saying that we need to ‘raise more awareness’ of the ramifications of carbon dioxide. An actor makes the rounds of the talk show circuit to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease.

It is all very well that celebrities, environmentalists, scientists and ordinary people are raising public awareness to a whole host of catastrophes and diseases that are threatening our very survival around the globe. This pursuit of awareness in the media may lead one to surmise that people in the western hemisphere must be very aware and knowledgeable about the most pressing issues facing us today, but this is not the case.

Some of the more urgent things we need to know: who is profiting from the uncontrolled proliferation and sales of armaments to both sides of those involved in sectarian conflicts and which corporate giants are profiting from the destruction of land and plunder of resources from these same countries? And finally, why do those who do try to expose the truth of government intervention and aggression, even against their own citizens, face social alienation, marginalization and ridicule?

When questions have been raised as to who is responsible for the nefarious deeds that are to blame for the rise of sectarian hatreds and the resultant grisly killings in the world, then the freedom that we think we have to pursue the answers to these questions can sometimes get a little sticky. As more stringent laws are created in the future to curb criticism, we, the underclass, will be restricted to comments on those topics that those whom we serve deem appropriate, otherwise we may be liable to arrest without probable cause, held against our will and charged as a provocateur, or worse, a terrorist.

The reason for the catastrophic conflicts happening around the world today are as a consequence of September 11. However, the knowledge about the appalling events of that day, which could be germane to our very survival, is not discussed in the public arena, but scuttled off to one side and buried under the pretense of national security. Afghanistan and Iraq, two countries that had nothing to do with September 11th, were threatened and attacked and have been virtually destroyed, their cultural heritage in ruins, while Saudi Arabia, a corrupt dictatorship and a known paymaster and exporter of terror in the Middle East, was not.

If we want to truly raise awareness, why not ask questions about how and why September 11th happened, in order to get at the truth of the events of that day and carve out the bĂȘte noir, the cancer that lies at the center of the American government and find out what other governments were complicit in those lies. Witnesses at ground zero, professionals who studied both the photographic and physical evidence and engineering experts who wrote detailed volumes addressing the 9/11 Commission’s inaccuracies, are mostly vilified and mocked by the press as conspiracy theory nutcases and hack scientists. As a result of their assiduous search for the truth, some of these professionals have been relieved of their university posts and isolated and alienated by their friends and colleagues.

If people want to raise awareness, focus on the events of September 11, an event that has lead us to the brink of world war. Make 9/11 a ‘raise awareness’ topic because so many lies have hinged on this one big lie. Demand answers into the events of that day and bring whoever is responsible to accountability. It seems an overwhelmingly daunting task, but essential, in order to rescue the truth from the hands of those that would dare to rewrite history and lead us further down their darkened path.